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Latest Stats

Figures taken from HSE Stats 2021/22

Stress, depression or anxiety and musculoskeletal disorders accounted for the majority of days lost due to work-related ill health in 2021/22, 17.0 million and 7.3 million respectively.

  • On average, each person suffering took around 16.5 days off work. This varies as follows:
    • 10.6 days for Injuries
    • 17.2 days for Ill health cases
    • 18.6 days for Stress, depression or anxiety
    • 15.2 days for Musculoskeletal disorders


The primitive mind is a negative mind, it will always see things from the worst possible perspective. It has to, as it is trying to keep you safe. For example, say you run into a big scary monster, you are not going to be think oh its ok, 'he's not going to want to eat me, I'm not his type'.  No, you would probably think, 'Oh No! He's going to SNAFFLE me!'

The primitive mind is obsessional so if that big scary monster is close by you would be reminded about it constantly and you would have to keep checking.

It's also a vigilant mind, so if we think that there is danger all around, whether it is real or imagined, then it is sensible to stay on high alert.

The primitive mind is not intellectual and it can't come up with new ideas .  It will always refer to previous patterns of behaviour.  So, if what we did yesterday, worked, and we survived, then we will do the same thing again.  For example, the last time you had a presentation to do , you got so worked up about it that you phoned in sick.  The next time you have a presentation, you will do the same thing again because it worked last time.

WOW, how do we get hold of this new amazing treatment?

What this information is referring to is simply........ Sleep!
Not just any sleep, but a full nights sleep, which many of us don't have.

We need to have a full nights sleep, to ensure we are getting the proper sleep that we need.
When we have a full nights sleep we get through four or five, 90 minute cycles of Light NREM (non-REM) sleep, Deep NREM and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) Sleep.
Each of these types attribute to repairing, restoring and re-energising our body and brain.
Both NREM and REM sleep are important and we need them both.

Hypnotherapy can help you to get your sleeping back on track, by changing your negative thoughts and sleep habits to enable you to get a full nights sleep.

Hypnosis induces deep relaxation and activates a REM like state, it creates the same electrical patterns as REM sleep.
Hypnosis can improve sleep patterns for the better and can increase the time spent in deep sleep. We need both NREM and REM sleep to help with our memory, learning, to physically heal, build bone and tissue, strengthen the immune system, for healthy brain development, to deal with stress and to solve problems.
Sleep is very important.

'I'm so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes closed.' - Anon