"I have had 8 sessions of Solution Focused Hypnotherapy with Sarah at Stay well hypnotherapy. During my Consultation with Sarah, she recommended between 8 to 12 sessions where Sarah explained about the human mind and why we think and feel the way we do. I suffer with Panic attacks/disorder and there are several triggers that can bring on an attack. However, it can occur when I least expect it – it can be very unpredictable. The attacks occur when I am in public/crowded places which I tend to avoid. My disorder got to the stage where I could happily stay indoors and not leave my house (agoraphobia) but I was determined not to let this disorder control me and hold me back in life. 8 sessions on and I am now able to go to crowded places such as busy shops with ease. I am more positive in my thinking and more proactive. A negative mindset can really hold a person back in life which is not good at all. My partner, friends and family have commented on the difference in me. The graph  shows the progress in my therapy. The straight line is our intellectual/thinking brain. The other line means we are in our primitive mind. As you can see my progress is amazing. I highly recommend Sarah at Stay well hypnotherapy. She has helped me so much."


"I can't thank Sarah enough for the difference she has made to my partner Hayley. She had become very anxious and suffered from numerous panic attacks. Even after the first session, I noticed a difference in her positivity. This has grown week after week and its been a wonderful to watch her confidence grow. She has had to put the work in herself too and now she tries to look at every situation with a positive mind set. It's still a work in progress but she has come a long way in 8 weeks or so. Thank you Sarah for giving me my Hayley back."


"I'm extremely happy with my results so far and feel like it will help me in other aspects of my life.  I'd highly recommend you to everyone suffering"


"I'm at a point I haven't been at in years. Thank you so much for waking my mind up again.  I'm feeling loads better and if I do stress out I know how to stop it now. Thank you so much dude"


"Thank you so much for the hypnotherapy, I recently started to get worked up, with stress building up, so I listened to the recording for a few nights and did the things we talked about and I've emptied my stress bucket myself"


“I highly recommend Sarah's treatment as she has helped me get my head back together after lots of traumatic events over a few years, turned it off to lots of things and lost my zing for life.  A great person, easy to get on with and very skilled at what she does. 
I was skeptical at first but soon started to see and feel the results of the hypnotherapy and others have noticed it too. I'm fully converted to this type of therapy now and it honestly worked for me.


"I have felt the stress and anxiety drain away from me, a little bit like the way the dirty water in the washing machine drains away and then when it is hanging on the line, blowing in the wind, with sun shining, I feel lighter, not as overwhelmed and I'm able to have more clarity of thought"



I've tried hypnotherapy elsewhere many times but it didn't work.  After just five 1 hour sessions with Sarah and listening to her recording every night, I feel very calm and I am finally sleeping for the first time in my life.  Sarah is such a lovely person too which made it much easier, Thank you x



Sarah makes you feel so relaxed whilst turning every negative thought into a positive!!!!

Each worry is challenged, softly with a question that turns it swiftly into a positive solution! Sounds hard to believe but it's true, honestly.

I find it hard to explain the way it makes you feel more in control of your thoughts and your life, but it works.

Now I rely on the MP3 recording when i'm stressed, can't sleep, have woken too early or just can't organise my thoughts.  Please try it, Sarah is incredible.